Zoraida Conde Hernandez bond hearing

After spending nearly two weeks in jail, Zoraida Conde Hernandez leaves without comment. A mother of four, her fifth and youngest child was buried just days ago.

"She's grieving," her lawyer says. "She's still grieving and will be for a long time."

The father of the child, William Salgado, stands by the mother: “She’s a great mom and I'm glad she's coming home today."

32-year-old Conde Hernandez is accused of leaving her eight-month-old son in the car on July 5 for nearly six and a half hours in 90-degree heat, resulting in the boy dying with a body temperature of 108 degrees.

She was supposed to drop him off at day care in Alexandria before going to work at the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, but never did.

Last week in court, it was revealed that she did not notice her son was still in the car until well after she returned.

"It was a tragic accident -- not criminal behavior," says her lawyer. "Everyone in the community regards her as a very good mother and they want her to be home with her children, so we are happy that will happen today."

On Thursday, a judge granted Conde Hernandez a $25,000 bond on the condition that she not have any unsupervised contact with her children. She is also not allowed to live with them until after she is cleared from a mental health evaluation.

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