Zemar Melgerei, convicted sex offender, caught on Fairfax High School campus

(Photo: Fairfax Police)

Officials say a man who was arrested on the Fairfax High School campus Wednesday and is a convicted sex offender was spotted inside a boys' locker room the day before.

Fairfax Police said Zemar Melgerai was inside the boys' locker room on Tuesday, the day before he was arrested on the grounds of Fairfax High School. Police say several male students reported seeing Melgerai in the locker room.

On Wednesday, Police said Melgerai did not make his way inside a school building, but was spotted on campus urinating in bushes.

Authorities say that Melgerai approached a maintenance worker to ask if he could shower inside the school's fieldhouse.

“We didn't receive any reports of any of the staff, the teachers or any of the school security or the police officer that he made any contact with any students on the campus,” Sgt. Joe Johnson of the Fairfax City Police said.

Melgerai, 59, tried to flee when police arrived. Police say he had no identification and no vehicle.

Luz McCreary lives nearby with 2-year-old son called Matthew.

“I usually walk with Matthew and we cross through the high school so I can't imagine how scary it would be,” the Fairfax resident said.

He is charged with being a convicted sex offender on school grounds. Additional charges include failing to register as a sex offender. Melgerai is not registered as a sex offender in either Virginia or California, where his offense took place. On Thursday, Melgerai was charged with an additional count of entering onto school property after conviction as a sex offender after students reported seeing him in the locker room.

Melgerai told police he moved to Fairfax City two weeks ago to stay with a relative but has not registered as a sex offender here. He is being held in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center without bond.

Students and neighbors say they are relieved an arrest was made. “It gives you an uneasy kinda feeling,” said student Scott Wood.

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