Young girl falls from apartment window in Aspen Hill

A 3-year-old girl is in serious condition after falling four stories out of an apartment window in Aspen Hill Monday morning, police say.

Montgomery County Police say that the young girl and her brother were looking out the window in the 3800 block of Bel Pre Road when the window accidentally opened.

The girl was taken to Holy Cross Hospital for treatment.

A screen on the ground marked the area where the girl landed after plunging four stories.

The girls’ uncle, who declined to be identified, says he and two other relatives including another adult were home. He said he was asleep when his niece and her 5-year-old brother were playing in a bedroom.

Police said there was a bunk bed near the window and they are investigating if the children were trying to look at the snow when the screen popped out. Police say it does not appear any laws were broken at this point, but detectives will continue to investigate.

“They are kids they get into stuff and obviously something like this could have been avoided had somebody been watching them,” the uncle says. “And that is just something we have to deal with.”

But the family's pit bull was apparently watching because the uncle said the dog started barking frantically when his niece fell

“Her and the dog have a great connection and when she left, the dog was flipping out so we knew something was wrong,” says the uncle.

He said his niece has broken jaw but said he knows it could have been far worse.

“Keep everything locked keep an eye on your kids I cannot stress that enough so things like this won't happen to nobody else,” the uncle says. “Because I definitely wouldn't want anybody else to go through the pain and anguish and the fear we went through this morning.”

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