Yorktown High School student sexually assaulted on track, suspect arrested

An Arlington man was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl at Yorktown High School.

Anibal Guzman, 34, was charged with sexually assaulting the 16 year old girl on the high school track. The alleged incident happened at 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday. According to police, the man touched the girl's buttocks as she was jogging around the track and also blew her kisses and said "hey baby," according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

The girl is a student at Yorktown but was not participating in a school activity at the time of the incident, Sternbeck said.

Police on Thursday went to the track, where they found the suspect yet again. Guzman was arrested and taken back to police headquarters. The victim's mother, who saw the arrest take place, identified her son at the scene, according to Sternbeck.

Guzman has been charged with sexual assault and urinating in public, Sternbeck said. He's currently being held at the Arlington County Detention Facility.