Yeardley Love murder: Huguely admits to shaking Love

George Huguely told authorities he shook Yeardley Love. (Sketch: Bill Hennessy)

In an interview taped after he was arrested, murder suspect George Huguely told authorities that he shook victim Yeardley Love but denied that he killed her.

The hour-long interview was shown to the jury Friday morning.

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Through the entire first part of the taped interview, Huguely was not aware that Love had been found dead.

In the interview, Huguely originally said that Love had let him into the apartment, but after being questioned about a hole in Love's bedroom door, he said that he had kicked it in.

He then claimed that Love had tried to attack him weeks before. Huguely says he told her that during the confrontation, Love was already against the wall and was acting defensively.

"I told her to chill out and I shook her a little bit," he says during the interview. He then tells her that he wasn't going to do anything to her.

"We were wrestling. I pushed her onto the bed."

Huguely then claimed that Love began to hit her head on the wall and he had told her to stop. Love was "freaking out. she kept banging her head against the wall, I was like....stop!" he claimed.

He says that he never hit her, but then says that he took her by the arms and shoulders, but never strangled her.

"We were wrestling," he told detectives. "I pushed her onto the bed and left." He also said at one point that he held Love down on the floor to try to calm her down.

Week one of emotional testimony in the murder trial of Huguely is wrapping up Friday, and ABC7's Gail Pennybacker reports that the prosecution may wrap up their case as soon as Monday.

Huguely didn't appear concerned at first

Friday's hearing featured the testimony of a Charlottesville detective and the showing of the hour-long video interview of Huguely on the day he was arrested.

Detective Lisa Reeves told the court that on the day Love was killed, she was told about Huguely and the threatening email he had sent her, in which he said, "I should have killed you." She then went to his apartment, where she said he didn't "appear concerned."

Huguely then voluntarily went with Reeves to Charlottesville police headquarters, where the detective says she then noticed fresh cuts on his knuckles and legs. Huguely was then read his Miranda rights. The authorities then interviewed him.

Drinking habits called into question

In the same interview, a second detective asked Huguely about his drinking habits after he said that he had been drinking all day on May 2. Love's body was found in the early morning hours of May 3.

Huguely told detectives that he was emotional because he had been drinking before going to see Love. Finally, detectives told him that she had died.

"How is she dead?" he asked repeatedly after a long pause. "I never (did) anything to make her dead. She's not dead. I did not hurt her. Tell me she's not dead," he said frantically.

Huguely then begins to sob, repeatedly saying "I didn't murder her. I know she's not dead."

Heart damage didn't kill Love, doctor says

Earlier in testimony, a doctor told the court that there was no damage to Yeardley Love's heart that would have led to her death.

Dr. Renu Virnani, the doctor who examined Love's heart after her death in May of 2010, said that the University of Virginia lacrosse player had no prior existing conditions that would explain why she died.

Virnani told the court that any minor damage that she sustained to her heart may have come as a result of CPR efforts to resuscitate Love, and not any condition that existed previously.