Xavier Scheeler, 9-year-old, donates books to C.W. Harris Elementary School

(NewsChannel 8) - Nine-year-old Xavier Scheeler wanted to share his love of reading with others, so he spent three months collecting nearly 400 books from his community.

"I just felt bad for the kids who didn't have books," said Scheeler. "We got some of our own books, some of our friend's books, and some books from my school."

With the help of his mom, Scheeler packed up the family's minivan and made a special delivery to C.W. Harris Elementary on Monday.

Scheeler chose the Title I Southeast D.C. elementary school based on its needs.

"These are students or families who cannot afford to go out and purchase books or purchase libraries of books," said interim Principal Ronald Lopes.

Reading is a valued part of the Harris Elementary learning environment, where students make weekly trips to the school library.

For media specialist Sheila Gaskins, Scheeler's gesture speaks volumes.

"You don't see too many 9-year-olds who are thinking about other kids at this time," said Gaskins.

The school plans on distributing the books before the last day of classes on June 20 to encourage students to read over the break.