Writers rally for free speech outside White House

More than a hundred protesters rallied outside the White House on Saturday night, holding signs in support of the first amendment. Organizers referred to it as a candlelight vigil. Jan Freeman and David Bonanno held up a sign which said “I love free speech”.

“Issues of freedom of expression are absolutely critical right now and we want to make sure we maintain our freedom of expression,” said Jan Freeman.

“I’m an editor of a magazine, but also it feels like every aspect of my life is sort of affected by the new administration,” said David Bonanno.

The organizers behind the event were individuals who attended the Association of Writer’s and Writing Program’s conference at the Washington Convention Center.

Among the well-known writers in the crowd was Novelist Richard Bausch, who cited concerns with one of Kellyanne Conway’s recent statements.

“You're saying it's a falsehood. And they're giving -- Sean Spicer, our press secretary -- gave alternative facts,” said Conway on Meet The Press.

Brandon Patterson who supports Donald Trump stopped to listen to protesters.

"I support free speech. I support what they want to say," says Patterson. "I have absolutely no issue with it at all. I stopped, I listened, I walked. I wasn't disruptive to anybody at all. But I think it's a double standard in many ways."

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