Wright Mechanical criticized

Allison Alayton says her four-year-old heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit (HVAC) has been serviced multiple times. But she says the problem isn't with the unit - it's with the company that has serviced it.

Slayton says she had a preventive maintenance contract with Wright Mechanical in Upper Marlboro. In September, a technician came to service her unit. But two months later, she says it failed to work properly.

β€œThe first time we turned on our heat, the first week in October, it would not come on,” she says.

An invoice shows Wright Mechanical sent a technician to fix the problem. The work order from November 7th recommended "the unit be replaced" and said "there may be a problem with reversing valve.”

Slayton says she questioned their judgment so she called a second company out.

Slayton says the next technician immediately spotted a key piece of equipment on the ground and a large panel unscrewed from the side leaning against a pole.

The technician left this invoice saying "the motor had been taken off.”

It took three seconds for him to put the motor back on and then it worked.

Wright Mechanicals' owner, Steven Eells, says his technician gave a "misdiagnosis" and says the company's invoice that was sent to Slayton, said the unit should be "removed" not replaced to fix the problem.

He also said her accusations are "totally false. We don't run a business like that. I would never instruct my technicians to do that type of work."

Wright Mechanical still services thousands of customers in the D.C. region despite the Better Business Bureau's F rating for the company's complaint history.

Even though Slayton's building canceled its contract with Wright, its property manager says he still uses the contractor at other buildings in the area.