Wounded Warriors awarded Segways

In the shadows of the Marine Corp War Memorial, where the statue depicts five brave Marines and a sailor standing and proudly holding up the U.S. flag, 56 service members below are learning a new way to proudly stand and get around.

All have been wounded in combat, more than half are now amputees. Wednesday, they are all being awarded Segways. The idea is to not only to improve their mobility and independence, but also lives that have been beaten and battered.

The number of service members who lost limbs in combat reached an all-time high last year in Afghanistan. These recipients come from 26 different states, including locals from Maryland and Virginia. In some cases they have lost both legs.

A clear sign of the times, modern technology assisting veterans after giving so much in a setting that has been around since about the start of time - warfare.

Most here were injured in IED explosions in Iraq and Afghanistan and spent significant time at Walter Reed. The Arlington County police department has volunteered to train the service members to master their new tactical equipment.