Worst States to be a burglar

(WJLA) - Burglars beware. Virginia tops the list of the 13 Worst States to be a Burglar. D.C. came in 5th.

SimpliSafe Home Security Systems did some digging to come up with its list. It compiled information about the length burglars spend behind bars to the amount of fines they can receive if convicted.

In Virginia and South Carolina (#2), some burglars could be sentenced to life in prison. According to the findings, 30 years is the maximum in D.C.

What put Virginia at the top of the list is the fact that a convicted burglar could be fined as much as $100,000. D.C. is a little below that mark at $75,000.

According to SimpliSafe, most of the states on the list have "Shoot First" laws that allow a person to use deadly force if threatened.

The third worst state to be a burglar is Alabama. Maine was at the very bottom of the list.