World War II veterans reunite in Chantilly

CHANTILLY, Va. (WJLA) -- It’s a moment worth capturing – even though they’ve done it 68 times by now.

Their sense of humor is still there – and so are the memories.

"We're 434th. That's all there is to it, says World War II veteran Lloyd Stevens. "We have pilots, we have people who worked as armors, we have mechanics. No matter what we did, we worked together."

Eight members of the 434th Bomb Squadron Group 12 reunited again on Friday in Chantilly. 92-year-old Lloyd Stevens was always fascinated by flying, and worked as a radio operator in the back seat of a B-25 bomber.

During World War II, they flew missions over North Africa, supporting the British Eighth Army.

Charlie McKim was a pilot. The 92-year-old remembers fellow airman Frenchie Rogers from Louisiana, who in the pre-internet 1940’s, searched for all his buddies and started this reunion tradition.

They’ve been getting together since 1945.

And although the technology is better now, age is making it harder.

"We're all in our nineties and you can't tell who is going to be there next year," says McKim.

But ever the optimist, McKim says theyre going to keep it going until theyre down to three. They share a lot of memories and are good friends.