Working Women: Sylvia Van Vliet Raghab brings Egyptian art to America

Sylvia Van Vliet Raghab. Photo: WJLA

More than two years after the Arab Spring uprisings began, a local woman is doing her part to introduce Egyptian artists to art lovers in the United States.

She lived in Egypt for 18 years and left that country during the turmoil. But helping artists back in Egypt is this Working Woman's way of giving back to the country she loves so much.

Sylvia Van Vliet Raghab is Dutch but she married an Egyptian and lived in Egypt with her family for nearly two decades.

And during her time there, she developed a love of Egyptian art. Not just the ancient art of pharaohs and heiroglyphics we all know, but contemporary Egyptian art as well.

Then, political unrest encompassed the country, and Raghab decided it was time to move.

Once in the United States with her family, Raghab and her business partner created Syra Arts as a way to showcase Egyptian artists.

Her collection includes paintings, sculpture, jewelry and more. She has shown it in D.C. and in West Palm Beach and hopes to take the collection to New York and the West Coast soon.

Raghab says Americans have been very receptive to the Egyptian art, and she finds that most are very interested in the story behind each piece and each individual artist.