Working Women: Lynda Carter

By Alison Starling

Next weekend a very familiar face will be performing her new musical act in Williamsburg, Virginia.

While her voice might not be familiar to us, the character she played on television is.

Because Lynda Carter was a superstar, known to tens of millions across the world as Wonder Woman.

And now she has been selected as this week's Working Woman on ABC7.

"I never thought of Wonder Woman as a sex symbol at all," Carter says. "Women liked her as much as men."

But a sex symbol she was. One famous photo of her was a company's biggest selling poster in 1978. And a Wonder Woman costume still represents one of the most famous female superheros ever.

Just before her interview with ABC7, Carter learned a new Wonder Woman TV show was cancelled before it even started.

She said she was a little disappointed because the story needs to be told.

Carter's story includes decades of working with Hollywood's most famous, including George Burns, Elton John, Ray Charles and many more.

In 1984, she married D.C. lawyer Robert Altman,. They made a home in Potomac and had two children.

"It's where I've raised my family; it's where I have my roots," Carter says.

Carter's now stepping out of her comfort zone and going back to a lifetime love of singing. She has a new CD out, called "Crazy Little Things."

"It was scary to say okay, i'm going to sing again," she says. "It doesn't just happen. You don't just do an album. It's walking the high wire."

A walk she hopes pays off like the Wonder Woman spin that made her famous.

"What I did in the past is great, but I'm doing what I'm doing now, which is being in the moment and experiencing my life as it is."

Carter says she'll turn 60 this summer. She credits healthy, organic eating, staying out of the sun and exercise for her youthful look.

If you time it right, you might just see her rowing on the Potomac River or hiking at Great Falls.