Working Woman: Brooke Salkoff's CampEasy helps parents find the right camp

Brooke Salkoff, founder of CampEasy.

It's that time of year already when parents start to think about which summer camps to choose for their kids.

It can be a stressful undertaking to sort through location, price and interests.

But tonight's Working Woman has come up with an easy plan.

Brooke Salkoff has been sending her two children to summer camp for years. But it's a chore to find the perfect fit. And for some, it's more than a chore.

"There have been parents who told me they'd rather have a root canal than go through the camp planning process," Salkoff says.

So Salkoff, a former network correspondent, decided to create a resource for parents to make searching for summer camps easy. And she called it, fittingly, CampEasy.

"I've tried to make it more like shopping, where they can go to one place and see what their options are and then start to refine their results," she says.

Parents can narrow by cost, proximity, time and interests for multiple children at once from pre-K to high school.

Salkoff says parents spend thousands of dollars for summer camps, on average $2,000-3,000 per child.

That's more than they spend on airfares, yet there is no, or Expedia or Orbitz that lets them do it all in one place and serves as that decision engine for them.

Marci Young is one of those parents looking for help finding the perfect camp for her two boys.

"I thought, 'this is brilliant, why hasn't anybody thought of this before?'" Young says.

Salkoff launched CampEasy last month and already more than 2,000 camps are registered, and hundreds of parents visit the site each day.

She says it's been overwhelming but rewarding to help busy working parents with something that should be fun.

"When parents come and tell us this is exactly what they've needed, then it's really a good feeling.," she says.

CampEasy is currently just for the D.C. area, but Salkoff hopes to expand to the Mid-Atlantic by the spring and nationwide by this summer.