Working Woman-Beyond Sticks

Working Woman-Beyond Sticks (ABC7 photo)

Like the girls Chrissy Lewis Summers now coaches in field hockey, she started playing as a child in Leesburg, and it became a lifetime love.

"I think one of the reasons most girls pick up a stick or continue to play is that your friends are doing it," Summers said.

Summers excelled in the sport, and even played at Vasser College in New York. After graduation she went to work, but wasn't fulfilled.

"Somebody asked me what would you do if you couldn't get paid, and the first thing that came out of my mouth, I said I would empower women through sports, because I got so much out of it," Summers said.

So she started coaching, but wanted to take it a step further.

"The big difference between us and other just straight coaching programs is we really believe in playing beyond the game," Summers said. "Ninety-point-nine percent of women put down the stick and do something else with their lives, and so how can you take what they've learned from sports and apply that so they can be better people on and off the field."

Summers program Beyond Sticks focuses on character development with speakers and life coaching, in addition to learning how to win. She was recently named an "Everyday Hero" from Toyota and ESPN-W and received a $10 thousand grant.

Summers is also a mom to one-and-a-half-year-old Jane, in addition to being a military wife. She is passionate about changing the way we talk about girl's sports.

"You can be an incredibly successful organization, doing it in a very positive manner, and be a thought leader in the youth sports industry," Summers said.

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