Working out in D.C.: Wello allows busy Washingtonians to workout at home

Washingtonians are always on the go, but that doesn’t mean it has to be at the expense of their waistlines.

Melissa Murphy is a busy district resident who loves to work out. But, she doesn’t always have time to hit the gym or a studio. While researching new workouts for her blog, Burn It Off D.C., she came across “Wello.”

“I thought, I absolutely must try this,” Melissa said.

Wello is a website that allows users to workout either with a small group or with a personal trainer, using their computer. Here’s the best part: all you need is Wi-Fi and a web cam.

Melissa said she recently took a one-on-one Pilates class with an instructor based in Los Angeles.

“The instructor was great. She was very clear with what she wanted me to do. I was never confused about what was coming next. Everything from her point of view was very solid,” Melissa said.

Natalie Garay led Melissa’s 30-minute private session. She’s been working with Wello since last October.

“It just makes it so much easier for some people who can't get out of the house or don't want to leave the house or don't like the gym atmosphere or studio atmosphere,” Natalie said.

There are a few disadvantages though: there’s no hands-on adjusting or helping. Melissa found out once before that sometimes, the connection can be spotty. But, with clients all over the world, the benefits can outweigh any negatives.

“If you look through the group fitness classes there are so many different things you can try, so many trainers to work with. I can definitely see it becoming part of my workout regime,” Melissa said.