Woodside Gardens residents scared because of security guards

Some video in our package is courtesy of The Capital Newspaper.

“He looked at me specifically and said, 'you cross the line, you mine.’"

Gerard Parker lives near the Woodside Gardens apartment complex in Annapolis. He was recently banned from the property after a trespassing citation. But on April 13, he says he was just walking in the street near the building when a security guard said those words.

Parker says he went up to the man with his fists balled up because he thought the man would hit him. The man then pepper sprayed Parker in the eye.

The scene was caught on tape. but Evergreen Security says the video doesn't tell the whole story. The company was brought to the complex two years ago at the request of management and Annapolis police due to high crime.

Annapolis Police say they responded to nearly 900 calls here over the last year. Most calls were for drugs or trespassing, but sometimes the security guards called due to slashed tires.

Residents told ABC 7 hat Evergreen Protective Services are a bit overprotective.

“People are in fear for their lives,” says resident Dominic Jennings. “Children come out here and they say, 'Oh no, there's security, we are dead.'”

Annapolis Police are investigating the pepper spray incident. Alpha Management says they are willing to listen if residents are really fearful of the very people meant to keep them safe.