Lake Ridge townhome engulfed in flames, leaves man in hospital

Investigators in Lake Ridge believe a townhouse fire that sent one man to the hospital might have been deliberately set.

Sources tell ABC7 that police have been called to the home a number of times in the past and that they are strongly looking into the possibility the fire was set intentionally.

The woman's husband was found later by firefighters in the backyard nude and very badly burned. He remains in serious condition at an area hospital, officials say. A woman and her young daughter left shortly before the fire.

Terrified neighbors captured video of the raging fire on their cell phones. The heavy black smoke consumed the home and within minutes flames fully engulfed the three story townhouse.

Right away neighbors feared the worst because they say this home has a history of domestic problems.

While firefighters battled the two-alarm blaze, they also searched for the man of the house. But at one point, the fire grew too violent and the fire fighters were forced to evacuate.

"I found the wife," said Moneta Davis, a neighbor. "I sat with her and tried to keep her calm until they found him."

That's when the neighbor and the man's wife, who returned to the house, suddenly saw a shadow in the back yard.

"He was coming up the field nude, his hair was all burned up," said Davis. "They wrapped him up."

The couple's college aged son arrived to check the damage early Friday morning. He would only say off-camera there was a family problem here Thursday night.