Woodbridge residents still recovering after flooding

A collapsed retaining wall. (Photo: Pamela Brown)

UPDATE: According to the Red Cross, all 337 people displaced by flooding who were sheltered in Mt. Zion church, have been placed into permanent housing or temporary housing. The last group of people were placed Thursday night.

It's been 12 days since flooding swept through Woodbridge, leaving dozens of families homeless in a nearby mobile home park.

But now a retaining wall in a different Woodbridge neighborhood is collapsing, causing more residents to flee their homes.

Cathy Quinn's home she shares with her three children is blocked by yellow tape with a "condemned" sign posted on the door.

Quinn says so far she's forked over at least $700 to pay for her hotel room and her homeowners insurance and the management company isn't helping.

Residents were ordered to evacuate after the retaining wall partially collapsed during a flood. Ten families are still displaced and at least ten other families were let back in after five days.

The developer says engineers are surveying the site every day and working on a plan to present to the county. But with nearly two weeks out of their homes, residents are growing increasingly frustrated.