Woodbridge gas station burglary suspect strikes twice in 30 minutes

The burglar was caught going in and out of the Valero twice within 30 minutes. Photo: Prince William County Police

Prince William County Police investigators are on the hunt for a man who broke into a Woodbridge gas station convenience store twice in the same night and made off with cigarettes and lottery tickets.

The burglary happened at about midnight on June 18 at the Valero in the 13000 block of Trowbridge Drive. Surveillance video clearly shows a man in a white sweatshirt throwing a paving brick through a glass door, crawling through the opening and taking cigarettes and cigars.

Seconds later, the burglar left through the jagged glass. Remarkably, though, the suspect shows up again 30 minutes later. This time, the man has a black plastic bag and grabs lighters and a glut of $1 and $5 lottery tickets.

"It was funny to see him come back with the trash bag and just...get some lighters," store employee Ari Sethi said.

Customers of the Valero, though, say that they're just happy no one was in the store when the double burglary occurred.

"What bothers me was that he got that paving block," customer Frank DeBenedictis said. "He could have hurt somebody pretty badly."

Investigators in Prince William County say the video that caught the man gives them good images to work with.

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