Woodbridge EconoLodge sexual assault suspect sought

The assault happened inside a stairwell at the EconoLodge on Gordon Boulevard in Woodbridge. Photo: Jeff Goldberg

An employee at a Woodbridge EconoLodge was sexually assaulted inside one of the motel's rooms late Wednesday night, Prince William County Police officials say, and investigators have very little to go on in terms of a description of the suspect.

The assault happened just before 10:15 p.m. Wednesday night at the EconoLodge at 13317 Gordon Blvd., police say. A clerk at the motel told police that she received a call to let someone into a room, and while walking in a stairwell toward the room, a masked man approached her and forced her into the room at knifepoint.

Police say that after the clerk was forced into the room, the suspect knocked her unconscious and sexually assaulted her. Because she blacked out, the victim was not able to provide any description of the suspect more than that he was wearing a mask.

The room the clerk was called to was later discovered to be vacant, police say.

Police can't tell much from security video. But they do believe the assailant was acting alone and don't think he knew the victim.

Don Collins has lived in Woodbridge for a long time. While he thinks the crime is an awful one, he also thinks it's rare.

"I think bad things happen everywhere unfortunately,” he says. “But I don't think it's a sign of things to come."

This is the second assault at the same EconoLodge in the past month. On Nov. 18, a motel housekeeper was assaulted while cleaning a room at the same motel.