Woodbridge dog theft caught on camera

A Woodbridge family is relieved now that their little Yorkshire teacup is back. "Sassy" was stolen from the family's front yard, and her theft was caught on camera.

Bobbi Allen says her youngest son, Austin, was walking their two dogs Monday afternoon. The Yorkie was lagging behind as Austin walked back home.{ }

Soon, a blue truck pulls up, and a woman gets out and takes the dog.

"It shows her getting [out], looking around and then increasing her pace as she pulls off pretty fast," 15-year-old Austin says of the surveillance footage.

Bobbi says the family had security cameras installed following a series of thefts. It was those cameras that caught Sassy's dognapping on tape.

But, 48 hours later, Sassy is back.

Animal control officers found her wandering around in a neighborhood miles away from home.

"She looks like she's okay, so...I'm just glad they took care of her," Bobbi adds.

Prince William County police say they will continue to review the video taken from the home and determine what the circumstances were around the dog's disappearance.

Prince William County Officer Jonathan Perok says "It might be a simple misunderstanding, but it might also be a crime."

Whatever the circumstances, the Allens are thrilled with the outcome.