Women grabbed and flashed in Centreville park

Police are cautioning trail users to exercise caution while in the area. (Photo: Flickr/Miggslives)

Fairfax County Police detectives say that they're investigating two more incidents against women near a Centreville park where there have been repeated reports of indecent exposure since last summer.

The two most recent incidents happened on April 14 and April 17, and both happened in the vicinity of Cub Run Stream State Park.

On the 14th, police say that a 27-year-old woman was walking on a trail near Danbury Forest Drive when a man, dressed in a white shirt, dark vest, slacks and dress shoes grabbed her. He fled when the woman screamed.

Three days later, a jogger told police she was whistled at by a man near Truitt Farm Drive on the east side of the park. When she looked over, the suspect was exposing and touching himself. That man also fled when the victim screamed.

Incidents in the area of Cub Run Stream State Park, and specifically the trails that run through it, have totaled nearly a dozen since March of 2011. In early April, county police said they were stepping up their investigation into, at the time, nine cases of indecent exposure in the park.

In the meantime, county officials remind trail and park users to avoid using trails after dark, not to use headphones at a high volume and to be aware of their surroundings.