Alabama Avenue shooting grazes female victim

A vehicle allegedly involved in the shooting. (Photo: Mark Segraves)

A Friday morning shootout in a Southeast Washington neighborhood left a woman with a bullet wound and a suspect in police custody.

Witnesses say it was just another Friday morning until they heard the shots and a bullet came whizzing through the store window.

"I was kind of confused at first, then I saw a lady lying on the ground, people were, like, call the police," says a store manager.

One person waiting in line for a lottery ticket was hit by a fragment of the bullet. Police were nearby and chased the red van down Alabama Avenue with two armed suspects inside. Minutes later the chase ended in the 900 block of Alabama Avenue.

One suspect was injured in the crash and caught by police who quickly swarmed the area. Police used a helicopter to search for the second gunman.

Back at the store where it all began, the manager of the store says he's not taking any more chances.

"I'm getting bullet proof glass in all my stores," the manager says.