Woman sexually assaulted on Capital Crescent Trail in NW

Police are searching for a suspect they say sexually assaulted a 27-year-old female jogger on the Capital Crescent Trail Wednesday evening.

The Capital Crescent Trail runs along the C & O Canal from Georgetown to the Montgomery County line, and then branches off the canal and goes into Bethesda and Silver Spring.

U.S. Park Police say the woman was in DC and jogging toward Georgetown when the suspect snuck up behind her and began choking her. She was about a half mile from the trail’s end in Georgetown when she was attacked.

Police say the woman fought back, but eventually lost consciousness. When she woke up, the man had pulled her pants down and was fondling her.

Authorities say she screamed, and the man took off in the direction of Fletcher’s Boat House, which is about a mile west and north of Georgetown off of Canal Road NW.

Women who use the trail tell us they normally consider the Capital Crescent Trail safe, but the attack has made them nervous.

"It will definitely make me more cautious," said jogger Mona Funiciello. "I will be careful when I come down here, and I won't come down as late."

Park Police say the victim got a description of the suspect:
Black Male, Medium Skin
Height 5’8 to 5’11
Approximately 180 to 200 pounds
Muscular/Fit build
Dreads – 3 to 4 inches long
Light scruffy beard
Wearing a white shirt, possibly a tank top or cut off sleeves
Wearing long jersey type black shorts

Anyone with information is urged to call Detective Glenn Luppino 202-610-8750 or the U.S. Park Police Tip Line: 202-610-8737.