Charles Hamilton shoots sister to death, police say

(Photo: Fairfax County Police Dept)

Police say a brother shot his sister to death at his Reston home Tuesday morning.

Charles Hamilton, 59, has been charged for killing his sister, 68-year-old Ruth Allen.

Allen was shot at about 9:45 a.m. inside the home in the 11300 block of Geddys Court. She was taken to a local hospital but died.

The incident shattered what is considered a relatively quiet neighborhood. Those who’ve lived here for years couldn’t believe the news.

“This is just a really quiet area and so it’s just a total shock,” says Lea Gallardo, a neighbor. “I’m just horrified. I just feel so bad.”

“Oh my God, you just never think about this stuff,” says Trina Rodriguez, another neighbor. “You hear about it on the news, but not in your own neighborhood.”

Hamilton was taken into custody at the home and charged with murder.