Woman killed in drive-by shooting at bus stop identified


D.C. police have identified the woman shot and killed in a drive-by shooting at a bus stop near Naylor Rd. and Alabama Ave., SE Sunday afternoon as 39-year-old Ivy Tonett Smith.

Two men were also injured in the melee.

Investigators say they found the vehicle involved. It was missing from a church in Largo, but they are still looking for the driver and shooter.

The heinous, broad daylight crime has outraged residents in Ward Eight. Some of them voiced their concerns Monday night at an Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting.

"Someone needs to do something. It's ridiculous. And someone has to know something," said resident Judith Culberson.

"I want some action. Where are these guns coming from? Who is selling it to these young men who don't have a job?" said Mary Cuthbert.

Still unsolved is another drive-by bus stop murder from May of last year. It happened right around the corner from Sunday's drive-by. That victim was 27-year-old journalist Charnice Milton who investigators say was used as a human shield.

Now neighbors are calling on neighbors to help police solve the crimes.

"You should be outraged. Let's stop the shenanigans, the blaming. It don't have nothing with the city council. What it has to do with, is these bad kids out here," said Commissioner Paul Trantham.

"There are people who are witnessing these crimes. Some folks may be scared to call the police, but you can call your ANC Commissioners. We can be that liaison," said Commissioner Stephen Slaughter.

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