Woman insists she won Pick 4 after wrong numbers were printed in paper

(Photo by Lisa Brewster on Flickr)

A Calvert County woman says the Maryland lottery owes her $2,600 even though the numbers she picked in Saturday's Pick 4 were not the numbers drawn.

Donna Allen plays the Lotto daily, spending as much as $10 on tickets. Allen and her husband recently lost their jobs. She thought this time, she'd hit it big.

Last Saturday, Allen got cut off by another driver while pulling into a shopping center. She played the number on the driver’s license plate, 4157, in the Pick 4. Those were the numbers printed in the paper the next day.

“I woke my husband up and was like honey, look! I was really happy because we have a mortgage to pay,” Allen said.

When she tried to cash the ticket, the lottery told her the winning numbers they sent out weren't correct. Allen was crushed.

She wants her money, but the Maryland lottery insists she didn't have the winning numbers. “Following the drawing, lottery officials briefly posted the incorrect Pick 4 numbers on the lottery's website. The error was detected within five minutes and the correct numbers were immediately posted,” the lottery said. “While we strive for 100% accuracy in reporting of the numbers, an occasional misprint may occur."

Allen has written Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley as well as the lottery commission.