Woman in serious condition after being struck by dump truck in D.C.

A woman was struck by a dumptruck in Northwest D.C. Friday afternoon. (Photo: Hatzel Vela/WJLA)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A woman is being transported to the hospital with serious injuries after being struck by a dump truck in Northwest Friday afternoon.

The accident took place at 6th and Indiana Avenue NW. The adult woman was conscious and breathing after being struck, but is reported to have serious injuries to her body.

The dump truck remained on the scene following the accident.

Later on Friday, ABC7’s cameras rolled as the driver of the $26,000-pound dump truck retrieved his possessions. But when we asked him what happened, he told us repeatedly: “No comment.”

But witness Gladys Daniels says she will never forget what happened:

"He was dragging her...she was being dragged."

Ebonie Ford says the screams of the woman as the dump truck filled with dirt rolled over both of her legs can only be described as traumatic:

“She was laying there calling for her daughter. It was really sad."

Another witness was posting fliers on this light pole at 6th and Indiana, and he says the screams were heartbreaking – but the truck still didn’t stop. So he threw his body into the dump truck’s path.

"I ran to the side of the truck, tapped the top of the truck, and just told him to stop," he said.

The man does not want to be identified, but says that the truck driver seemed to have no clue of the horrible scene beneath his tires.

"I just told him to stop. He looked at me, didn't know what I was doing. He didn't have a clue he was running over a young lady."

The truck is registered to this home in Upper Marlboro, and the man who answered the door acknowledged that it was where “Brad4rd Trucking” is based, but claimed the truck’s owner could not be reached.