Woman gives birth while tied up in traffic caused by fatal motorcycle accident

Jeromeka Chappelle with her baby Tuesday (Photo: WJLA)

DC Fire reports that a fatal motorcycle accident in Northeast tied up traffic and prevented a mother from getting to a hospital to give birth.

The mother was traveling in traffic when she began to have contractions and couldn't drive any further.

A call to 911 reached a dispatcher, who assisted by phone. The mother, Jeromeka Chappelle, was able to stop her vehicle at Florida and New York Avenues Northeast.

Moments later a crew arrived to assist, but the baby was already born.

Chappelle says she remembers her father trying to walk her through the frantic delivery of her second child.

“The last push she just came out on the seat and I was scared, I was scared to touch her, I didn't know what to do,” she said.

“The baby head was there, I was trying to drive,” said Jerome Chappelle, the baby’s grandfather who was in the minvan.

Still blocks away from Washington Hospital Center, little Jonae made her debut in the front seat of her mother’s vehicle.

Chappelle says all she feels is gratitude toward her dad and the 911 dispatcher who helped her and her father deliver the baby.

She says it’s a birthday story she looks forward to sharing with her little addition who just couldn’t wait.