Woman gets stolen car back, filled with evidence of crime spree

The owner of the stolen car found counterfeit $100 bills and other evidence of a crime spree.

A woman, whose car was stolen from an Oxon Hill parking lot just got it back from police.

But she found some very interesting stuff inside. Stuff she says police didn't even check for.

The mother of four young children asked that we not identify her because the person who stole her family's minivan is still on the loose.

“He went on crime spree in our minivan,” she says.

When she got her van back all sorts of stuff was inside, and none of it belongs to her or her family.

On Sunday morning she went to a shopping center on Oxon Hill Road. When she returned from one of the stores her van was gone.

She filed a report with police. Two days later officers called her to say they had recovered the van and taken it to an impound lot where she could retrieve it.

“We had to pay $230 to get it out,” she says. “That's not including what we're going to have to do to the part that he damaged. And that is our Christmas money.”

She says she noticed the van was trashed, but once she got it home and began to clean it out, they found all the extra stuff: seven purses, two brief cases, a duffle bag full of stuff, several bottles of liquor, scores of fake $100 bills.

“We feel like they should have processed the vehicle when it was found,” she says.

Police say they did take fingerprints off the van and an inventory of what was in the vehicle. But they had no way of knowing whether or not those items belonged to the van owner.

In the meantime, whoever stole the van and apparently went on a crime spree in it, is still out there.

“We have four children and I don't know if they’re going to have Christmas gifts,” she says. “But who knows how many other lives he affected?”