Woman gang-raped near Greenbelt Metro

A 24-year-old College Park woman who had left the Greenbelt Metro station and was walking along Cherrywood Lane around 4 a.m. was gang raped early Saturday.

Police say up to four men jumped out and dragged her back near a wooded area. They raped her and beat her. The ordeal lasted for nearly an hour.

The victim finally managed to get back out to Cherrywood Lane and flag down some joggers, who called police. She was treated at the hospital for severe facial injuries and released Saturday night.

“I've been a police officer here in Greenbelt for 27 years and this is certainly one of the most disturbing incidents that has occurred during my time here,” says one officer.

News of the attack startled people who walk in the area of the assault, which is near a community center, the Franklin Park apartments and a small garbage-strewn creek.

“Why would somebody do that do her, like at random--people is cruel around here,” says Raynell Dawkins.

Anyone with any information about last Saturday's gang rape along Cherrywood Lane is asked to contact Greenbelt Police Criminal Investigations Unit at 301-542-2133.

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