Woman fatally shot in head in Laurel, Md.

The female victim was shot near her car in Laurel.

Two people are dead Wednesday morning in a Laurel shooting which police believe may be the result of a domestic dispute.

Prince George's County Police say the female victim, 26-year-old Brandice Jones, was shot in her head as she entered a car in the 14700 block of Shiloh Court.

Authorities say the male shooter drove up and shot the victim in the head, and that her 10-year-old son witnessed the incident.

Police then say the man drove away and shot himself in the head in the 9100 block of Cherry Lane.

The 10-year-old was uninjured.

The victim was a mother to four children.

Stunned neighbors watched detectives work the crime scene for hours. Several say they knew the man had been harassing Jones.

He'd been spotted sleeping in his car near her house and last week slashed two of her tires.

“She was walking down the sidewalk and she told the man would you please leave me the blank alone. And he kept following her and when she went back to the car the two front tires,” said Deborah Swann, a neighbor of the victim.