Woman critically stabbed in front of Lanham Target

Antoinette Starks, arrested in connection with the Target stabbing incident. (Photo: Prince George's County police)

Police say they had to use a Taser to subdue the female suspect in a stabbing in front of a Lanham Target store. The woman is in custody.

Police responded to reports that a woman was stabbed at the Target located at 10401 Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy around 9:45 a.m., according to a police news release.

A woman was exiting the store when she was approached by another woman, who stabbed her in the neck.

An off-duty Prince George's County police officer at a coffee shop next door was alerted to what happened. The victim described her female attacker to the officer, information that led police to a Home Depot store next to the Target. Authorities say when they discovered the suspect in the parking lot, she pulled out two pairs of knives taped together.

Authorities say the suspect, identified as Antoinette Starks, would not put the knives down and describe her as uncooperative. They followed her on foot for a quarter mile, until an officer with a Taser arrived on the scene. Starks was subdued with the Taser and arrested.

Both the suspect and victim were transported to a nearby hospital. Prince George's County Police say the victim is in stable condition.

Prince George's County police confirm that Starks is the same woman who was previously charged with stabbing two women at a Nordstrom department store in Montgomery County in 2005.