Woman caught in towing nightmare gets her car back

A Virginia woman was stuck in the middle of a towing controversy and couldn't afford to get her car back, ABC7 reported earlier this week.

Now, Heather Carbaugh’s luck has turned: She was able to drive her car from Nowells towing in Woodbrige without paying a dime of the $960 bill.

“He charged me nothing to get it out,” she says.

The company’s president Steve Nowells said it was the right thing to do.

“You know what, she's hitting on hard times. Some people need to step up,” Nowells said.

Questions remain, however, over what exactly happened in the towing mix-up after an accident eight days ago. Carbaugh’s car ran off the rain-slicked Delaney Road in Dumfries.

She says an impatient Prince William County police officer insisted on calling Nowells even though Carbaugh's free roadside service was already on its way.

But both towing dispute that. Donny Ward of Carbaugh’s roadside service said when his employee arrived at the location, the car was already out of the woods, meaning Nowells, called by police, got there first.

Still, almost a $1,000 to tow a car six miles and store it for a week had many of our viewers crying foul. Police say towing companies on their rotation list must meet strict standards and submit invoices to ensure no one's cheating.

Carbaugh, a single mother who's unemployed, now has damage to deal with. But at least, she's back on the road again.

“Thank you guys so much for helping me! I believe if it hadn't been for you guys, it would still be sitting there,” she said.