Woman attacked on Martha Custis Trail

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - At around 11 a.m. Monday, a woman was attacked while walking the Martha Custis Trail in Arlington.

"It's actually shocking," said Kavita Raman, who was using the trail an hour after the incident. "I'm surprised that it happened."

Ramane uses the Custis Trail often. The portion she uses sits behind a sound wall between Oak and Quinn Streets. That's where the incident happened, police said.

It's a concern for Ramane because she walks the same trail at night to get to the Rosslyn Metro Station.

Investigators say the woman who was attacked was walking towards Rosslyn when a man appoached her from behind and touched her. When the woman turned around, she screamed and told police the man was exposing himself.

Diane Downing, a concerned resident, said "I've never heard of anything like that's…it's scary."

Downing as she was walking from Georgetown, where she teaches. She only uses the trail during the day.

"In daylight, you just don't expect it," said Downing.

Police say they sent out a K-9 unit to track the man's scent, but found nothing.