Woman attacked at Adams Morgan bar

Surveillance camera footage shows the woman trying to keep the man from entering the bar.

A man tried to force his way inside the Madam’s Organ bar at 8 a.m. while dozens of people were getting breakfast and coffee, injuring a cleaning lady.

Surveillance cameras filmed the man, who attacked a 41-year-old cleaning lady. The victim was able to fight her way loose. Bystanders called 911, but police arrive only after a 10-minute delay at the call center.

On the video, a cleaning lady is seen working alone. She takes the trash outside when a man in a purple shirt and tie runs towards her. The two struggle and he overpowers her and barges into the Madams Organ bar.

She speaks little English but tries to get people on the street to help her. In broken English, the victim told ABC7 that she tried to pull the door shut while her attacker was trying to get inside. He was stronger than her, “and I cannot do nothing,” she said.

“We have no clue what he is doing inside. We did do inventory and there's nothing missing,” said Carlos Wilcox, the bar's assistant general manager.

“I think it could have turned into something really violent really nasty, because he was trying to get her into the building,” Wilcox said.

The suspect was inside the bar for a minute and half. In a bizarre move, he then casually walks out of the bar. He passes the victim, who has a severe cut on her hand and is bleeding, and passes a group of people who stopped to help her and are calling 911.

"I feel scared because I don't want it to happen again,” the victim said.

Two popular restaurants next door were open for business. Officials confirm there was a 10-minute delay at the 911 call center getting police and an ambulance to the scene. Off-duty officers were eating at the diner. A witness tells ABC7 News he plainly pointed the suspect out to two of the officers but police say they lost him.

"In an instant someone's life can be gone. And so this poor little lady, she's very shaken,” said Wilcox.

The bar is stepping up its security and cleaning crews will now be working in pairs.