Woman assaulted on Howard University campus

The assault happened near the School of Business on Howard's campus. Photo: Brianne Carter

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- An 18-year-old disabled woman who was participating in a program at Howard University was raped on campus Monday morning, sources say.

The assault happened near the School of Business building on 6th Street Northwest at about 8 a.m. Monday, MPD officials say. Sources say that a man followed her from a bus, came up behind the 18-year-old victim, forced her into a classroom and raped her.

Sources say the victim is a learning disabled woman whom Howard University officials say was participating in a program on campus that was not affiliated with the school.

The program, which is being put on the the D.C.-based College Success Foundation, sent a letter home to participants informing them of the assault and a list of safety tips.

Metro and campus police were out in full force in and around Howard University on Tuesday, and the act of violence has Eloise Goodman, who lives very close to campus, very concerned:.

“It’s scary. I walk around these streets all the time by myself.”

Howard University said a crime alert was emailed to students and staff last night, and there are a number of surveillance cameras now trained on the exterior of the School of Business. In a statement, Howard University officials also say the investigation into the troubling incident is ongoing and it is premature to provide additional details at this time.

Police describe the suspect as a 18 to 20-year-old man wearing a white T-shirt and black and white shorts.

“I think the campus could do a better job with security,” says Howard University senior Zuri Masud.

The MPD said in a statement on Tuesday:

The July 4th homicide of Omar Sykes and the July 22nd sexual assault do not appear to be related. The Metropolitan Police Department recently met with the administration at Howard University to address safety. The Metropolitan Police Department has increased patrols in the area and is working closely with Howard University to address violent crime.