Suspect assaults woman in Springfield

Fairfax County police released a sketch of a man they think is behind the fodling attacks in the Springfield area.

Fairfax County police are investigating an assault that happened Monday night in Springfield.

The victim was walking to her apartment around 6 p.m. when a man came up from behind, grabbed and groped her in the 7200 block of Commerce Street. Police say when she resisted and turned abruptly, the man ran away. The woman told investigators the suspect was either a white or Hispanic male wearing jeans and a hoodie.

Just two weeks ago, a woman was groped on the same block by a suspect connected to eight other attacks.

Investigators have not classified this most recent assault as one of the serial groper attacks, but they aren't ruling it out.

If Monday night's assault is found to be connected, it will be the 10th such attack.

The victims in the serial groper incidents have ranged in age, but all have been women.

The common thread in these attacks has been the suspect description - a Hispanic man with short hair, usually wearing a hoodie or baseball cap. Several attacks have also occurred on Commerce Street.

After Monday's incident, police scoured the area, but there was no sign of the suspect.