Woman alleges Daniel W. Harmon-Wright roughed her up

Patricia Cook

A shocking revelation is coming to light in connection with the shooting death of a 54-year-old housewife by a Culpeper officer.

Another woman says the Culpeper police officer involved in the shooting, also roughed her up four years ago. She accuses the police department of ignoring her complaint.

The officer involved in the shooting is Daniel W. Harmon-Wright, aka Daniel W. Sullivan. Harmon-Wright is a five year member of the force and former Marine.

He is accused of shooting and killing Patricia Cook.

Police say that Cook tried to drive away with the officer's arm caught in the door. Officials said on the day of the shooting that Harmon-Wright was talking to Cook when she closed the driver's side window suddenly while trying to get her identification.

State police say Cook drove off with the officer's arm trapped in the window and refused his commands to stop. He then shot her and the vehicle wrecked. Witnesses, though, disputed the official account of what happened.

Cook's husband has filed a lawsuit against the officer.