Woman accused of driving bus into Accokeek office trailer

Three people sustained minor injuries after an angry driver allegedly drove her school bus into an office trailer in Accokeek.

It happened before 6 a.m. when a driver identified by colleagues as Theresa Douglas of Nanjemoy showed up for work. They say she parked her car, climbed into her bus and drove straight into the driver's lounge.

According to sources, a week ago, Douglas alleged that a fellow driver tried to run her over. There was no proof but school officials did move the other employee to a different bus yard. Even so, police say Douglas didn't drop the issue.

Last night, Douglas wrote on her Facebook page that it would be her last wall post and that she is "finally finish fighting ready to go to jail."

In fact, according to witnesses, after colliding with the building the driver simply stood in the lot with her hands behind her back and waited for police.

They got her and now she's facing three counts of first degree assault.