Wizards' losses, NHL owners' lockout hurt D.C. businesses

No wins for the Washington Wizards and no games from the Capitals means no sales - at least a drastic drop in sales for businesses in the Verizon Center area.

At Red Line, when either teams play, workers usually go home happy. But the NHL lockout plus the consistent loses from the Wizards is what is keeping fans from coming out.

That means fewer people work and bartender Marcelo Del Rio takes on more responsibility.

"Managing, bar tending, maybe serving. You just have to keep on trucking,” he says. "Now that the Caps are gone, I mean we're hanging on by a thread with the Wizards, who don't bring as much people, but we still have to support our home teams."

It’s the same story at Thai Chili. The chairs usually stacked up in anticipation of customers remain in the corner.

Now, the restaurant has been forced to cut expenses.

"We had to cut some of our staff because there wasn't enough foot traffic,” says Joanne Duangmanee, Thai Chili’s owner.

If it's slow, they send people home. their workers are forced to take vacation. and they're not calling bartenders for back up.

They lose up to $8,000 in profits every time the Capitals don't play.

"It's kind of sad because we use to see a lot of regular customers and without hockey they normally don't come."