Wizard of Wood creates masterpiece out of Bethesda school's tree

A man called "The Wizard of Wood" is performing his magic at a Bethesda school.

Lightning struck a tree on Norwood School's campus last September and now Jim Calder is carving it into the school's mascot - a blue hawk.

Dick Ewing, head of the school, says it was huge loss when the tree was felled by lightning.

The school turned to Jim Calder, a former electrical engineer known for his woodcarving. He's transforming the charred trunk into a piece of art: An 18-foot carving showcasing the school's mascot.

“I had to take center section of tree out because shattered and burnt to charcoal,” Calder says. “By time I'm finished, (I) will have removed about 2,000 pounds of wood.”

Students at the school are also learning from the master and getting a new perspective on art.

“I never in my life thought it'd be that easy,” says Foster McCune, a 7th grader.