Witnesses say Va. missing teen seen arguing with man before Amber Alert issued & cancelled

Sinahi Aguilar-Cruz. (Photo, Virginia State Police)

Before an Amber Alert about a missing Woodbridge teen went out Sunday morning, neighbors say they heard some arguing.

“My nieces said that they seen a fight outside. They didn’t see exactly who was fighting but they knew that there was an altercation out there. There was a lot of arguing. I don’t know how long it last, they don’t know either because they don’t be outside. They were looking from the window,” said Tyrone Day, a neighbor.

Witnesses then told Prince William County Police 16-year-old Sinahi Aguilar-Cruz was forced into a car by a man she knew, who was identified as Roberto Medrano Segovia.

That happened shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday.

Later that afternoon, no one answered the door where police say the two were attending a party before Aguilar-Cruz was driven off.

The Amber Alert was issued around 10 a.m. Sunday and cancelled about five hours later when she was found safe, along with Segovia in the Woodbridge area.

“When you have kids, you know and nieces and nephews, anything that has to do with abduction of a child it’s very scary,” said Day.

Police are interviewing Aguilar-Cruz to determine if the witness accounts are accurate and she was abducted.

Segovia may or may not be charged based on her willingness to cooperate with the investigation.

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