Winter fatigue sets in as cold weather returns

The calender says spring, but Mother Nature is singing a different tune.

It seems winter is not ready to let go.

"It's lovely to have cool weather, but now it needs to be sunny and 70," said Montgomery County resident Mike Cohen.

Chloe Edsall spent Thursday trying to keep her family warm and positive.

"Usually it's raining," she said."At least the sun is out."

But Thursday also proved to be windy and chilly.

And what about those who have to work outdoors?

"I got about 20 layers on. Oh, I can't wait for spring," said engineer Chad Marshall.

The cold weather is also delaying the cherry blossoms. The festival has started, but the trees are still asleep - no blooms.

If you have spring fever, the good news is eventually it will actually feel like spring. Just be patient.