Winning Powerball numbers: Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012

The winning Powerball numbers for Nov. 28, 2012 are:

5 23 16 22 29 Powerball Number - 6


The numbers have been drawn for the record Powerball jackpot and the wait for winners - if any - has begun.

The drawing for the Multi-State Lottery Association's prize followed 16 consecutive drawings that produced no top winner, boosting the Powerball to become the second-largest potential lottery payout in U.S. history at $579.9 million. Powerball officials say they believe there is a 75 percent chance the winning combination will be drawn Wednesday.

Tickets earlier in the day were selling at a rate of 130,000 a minute nationwide, the mega-jackpot enticing many people who rarely, if ever, play the lottery.

Powerball's record jackpot follows a Mega Millions drawing in March, when three ticket buyers shared a $656 million jackpot, which remains the largest lottery payout of all time.

This Associated Press contributed to this report.

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