Wilson High School leads green movement at local schools

With solar panels, green roofing and an eco-lab, the newly renovated Wilson High School is leading D.C. schools in energy efficiency and going green.

The school also changed its curriculum by adding more classes focused on the environment.

“Definitely environmentalism and sustainable growth and sustainable use of resources are something these kids care about,” says Alex Wilson, director of academic development.

The new federal green ribbon schools program is aimed at honoring schools that are creating greener, more cost-effective and healthier school environments.

To be eligible to win, schools must meet three criteria: First -- are students learning about the environment and sustainability? Second -- is the school a healthy environment? And finally -- is the building energy-efficient and green?

At Sandy Spring Friends School in Montgomery County, environmental stewardship is a big focus. They compost all their lunchtime leftovers and this

“We have been doing this approximately eight years,” says Laura Miyoshi, director of operations. “When we initiated the program, we reduced our trash output by 40 percent.”

This spring, students will grow food on a new school farm which will then be served in the cafeteria.

Students say they're excited about helping the environment and that this green ribbon program is inspiring.

“It gives us encouragement to keep doing other things and new projects,” says 11th grader Gilliam Kramer.