Wilson High School has a grand opening

Wilson High School (Photo: WJLA)

Thursday was the grand opening for the newly renovated Wilson High School.

The new multi-million dollar building recycles rain water and does much more. Two hundred workers divided in to three groups to get the year-long job done in time for school.

With new classrooms, gyms, lockers and lots of technology, one mother says Wilson could give students like her daughter the edge over many.

“She's in the special program - Humanities Arts and Media Program,” said Sumayya Lane. “So she's a media major and she wants to be an anchorwoman.”

Not everyone in the D.C. school system will have state of the art facilities but city leaders promise it's all part of the billion dollar D.C. school modernization plan.

“Of course you can't get to every school at the same time,” said D.C. City councilman Kwame Brown. “Anacostia had their first phase One, which looks phenomenal. HD Woodson - brand new high school. Now you have Wilson. Brand new high school.”