Will the Redskins start training in D.C.?

The Redskins moved out of RFK Stadium after the 1996 season.

Mayor Vincent Gray on Thursday was pulling no punches on getting the Redskins back to the city whose name they bear.

While the franchise is under contract to play their games at FedEx Field in Landover until 2027, Gray would like to see the team move from their current training facility in Ashburn, into a new facility in D.C.

"It would be wonderful to have the Washington Redskins back in the city; they now train out in Virginia,” Gray says. “They play in Maryland and carry the name Washington. We want them to have the name Washington and a presence in Washington."

Gray, along with council members Michael Brown and Jack Evans, traveled to the 33-acre training facility of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last weekend, widely recognized as a state of the art facility, for ideas.

"It’s just an absolutely first class facility it had everything one could ask for,” Gray says.

The Redskins moved to Landover in 1997 after playing several decades at RFK Stadium in the District.

Gray's idea is to build a Redskins' facility on Reservation 13, where D.C. General Hospital sits now after tearing down most of the buildings around it. But he emphasizes this is just in the idea stage now.