Wild weather topples trees onto homes, cars

Photo credit: Van Applegate

(WJLA) - It’s suddenly cold and wet, with sleet coming down in parts of the DMV area. D.C. resident Rud Nast{ }even{ }found an unpleasant surprise after coming{ }home from{ }work:

"I just came outside to go to dinner, and found my car with a tree on top of it."

His car's{ }roof is smashed and the windows are shattered:

"I'm going to put this tarp on top to try to keep the water out...make sure if there's anything valuable, get it out," he said.

Nast's car{ }was one of three in the line of fire on 29th Street near Woodley Avenue on Monday, as a large tree came crashing down in the late afternoon. After hours of wind, rain, and a saturated ground, neighbors here told us this was an accident waiting to happen.

"All these trees on 29th Street going down to Calvert{ }are all on the side of a steep hill -- and they're all in danger of falling over," said area resident David Arens.

"We're very careful about parking our car on the street because the trees are very old and the slope seems very unstable," added Victoria Mizzi.

The weather was toppling trees all around – another one flattened a car on 31st Street in Northwest, shutting down traffic in both directions. And in Kensington, a massive tree sheared off a chimney and brought down utility lines as it crashed into a home. Fortunately, the homeowner says his wife escaped without injury.

"Sounded like a bomb...very loud crack, scared the cat, scared her and all the neighbors I've talked to," said homeowner Michael Lathan.

And it wasn’t just the trees – there was a lot of water coming down – and fast. It caused flooding all along Rock Creek Parkway near Beach Drive, right at the height of the evening commute home.